• Technical Upgradation

In constant persuit of technology

At Dwarikesh, the pursuit of technology upgradation is constant. Each critical activity is evaluated for upgradation of technology. We continuously monitor the advancements in technology and always look forward to adopt innovative and practical technologies to make our services, processes and products better. Such technology need not be limited to sugar manufacturing process. Even associated technologies such as IT, communication and automation, that play an indirect role in the manufacturing process are encouraged and adopted. This is why Dwarikesh is always considered a step ahead of others as far as making use of latest technologies and adopting new standards is concerned.

Automation: DSIL has set up many automation control units like mill automation plant, boiler automation plant etc. Many other automatic control units have been set up to control the manufacturing process. Data are recorded and control function programming can be changed according to requirements through PLC based SCADA system. It enables the management to know about the performance of the machinery. Automation of the plant also minimizes the process losses and downtime and improvement of overall efficiencies. It also saves the plant from unseen losses by way of alarming, power cut etc.

Leaps in information technology

After a hard work of one and a half years, a team of DSIL staff and third-party developers have successfully implemented a completely integrated oracle based ERP system. Many MIS related reports are being generated through ERP, which empower top management to take well-informed decisions. Many valuable ERP reports are automatically e-mailed to key persons on a daily basis. The ERP is fully integrated with all departments, which remove data redundancy. One data is automatically picked up wherever the same is required. All the reports are run through one icon and the control key is with the EDP department, which ensures the right person with right accessing authority.

All the Dwarikesh plants, back offices and process centres are connected with each other through latest communication equipment and networking facilities to ensure close co-ordination and synchronisation between them. Latest broadband Internet connections, backed up with ISDN and VSAT facilities are in place to provide 24x7 support to all departments, which are tied together through the ERP system and an efficient intranet. Both the plants have large computer networks secured by firewalls, anti-virus systems, and other security systems. They have their own telephone exchanges. Our IT department is still growing as we keep developing, evaluating and adopting new technologies and software systems.

Manufacturing and added processes

Sugarcane at the centers is loaded with the help of sturdy cane loading machines. The loading is faster and sugarcane is crushed in less than 24 hours of its harvest. The functioning of the boiler house has been completely automated. The boilers used are high-pressure boilers. Consequently there is substantial savings in the non-conventional renewable fuel.

Swing type hammer fibrizor is used for fibrizing the sugarcane with a view of better cane preparation for final crushing by the rollers.

Harmonics study was carried out to decipher the harmonics present in the current electrical system. Specialty capacitors are installed to reduce the harmonics and to conserve energy.

Continuous Pan for B and C massecuite boiling is used for better extraction of sugar and to reduce the losses in the process.

Remote Sensing study for integrated natural resources survey is conducted with assistance of satellite data. This helps in watershed management and cane development.

Electronic weighbridges are installed for precise weighing of sugarcane received at the factory.

Energy efficient condensate system at PAN is being installed to save the power and water consumed. The system would be completely automated and PLC based with data acquisition system. A significant improvement in the working at PAN floor is envisaged apart from energy conservation.

Modifying design of the existing hopper to reduce the temperature of the sugar bagged to improve the keeping quality of the sugar. Juice flow stabilization system has been installed to control the flow of juice from mill house to quad distillation.

The functioning of the mill house is completely automated. The automation of the whole plant is under progress.

Wet scrubbers have been installed on all boilers to stop air pollution.

The company has installed a bio methenated spent wash(BMSW) evaporator system to comply with the conditions of central pollution board as well as of state pollution control board. By installing this system company is able not only to reduce the volume of spent wash but also able to run its distillery plant for a longer period.

Strict quality control mechanism

Quality thy name is dependability, durability and acceptability. The focus on quality is in all spheres. Beginning with the controls on the quality of inputs and extending to the activities performed to convert the input into output and concluding with the final output, focus is never lost. The stamp of outstanding quality is there on all the activities of the company. The process of quality control though painstaking is religiously followed. The initiation of the process to get ISO 9002 accreditation is an effort to instill virtues of good quality.


The quality of management is of extremely high caliber and improvising and honing the skills of management is an ongoing exercise. The decision-making is encouraged at all levels as power and accountability together with authority and responsibility is delegated to the lowest levels of management. Fine-tuning of quality is practiced.


The maintenance work carried out is of high quality resulting in lasting and durable benefits and reduction in all round costs. This assumes great importance when the concerned plant employees hundreds of people and deals in heavy machinery.


The process of manufacturing and the product manufactured conforms to the exalted International Standards. Owing to the better quality the sugar manufactured has established a niche market for itself. The process parameters and the flow is so designed and monitored in the most sophisticated laboratory that every granule of sugar passes through stringent quality international norms.