• Power Plants

Powering our way
to excellence

Finding synergistic business interest in power co-generation, we have set up power units at our Dwarikesh Nagar, Dwarikesh Puram and Dwarikesh Dham facilities, with a total power capacity of 86 MW.

Using bagasse (the residue left after sugarcane crushing), we generate power for captive use (about 30 MW), as well as sale to the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation (UPPCL). We signed a power purchase agreement with UPPCL for 10 years In 2001, which was later extended for 20 years.

Beginning with our first power co-generation plant, commissioned in 1996 at Dwarikesh Nagar with an initial capacity of 6 MW, we have traversed many milestones of excellence to scale this business over the years. At present, the power capacity at Dwarikesh Nagar stands at 17, with 33MW at Dwarikesh Puram and another 36MW at Dwarikesh Dham. NLDC Accreditation to all three plants with captive power generation capacity was granted in 2011.

During financial year 2018-19, we sold 2,020.28 lacs KWH surplus power to the state grid, besides banking another 33 lac units for our off-season requirements of plant repair and electrifying the offices and the residential colonies.

Our earnings from this segment during 2018-19 stood at ₹ 10,129.37 lacs.