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It is our constant endeavour to strive for excellence, through whatever ways we can find, across the value chain of our business. Our 30 KPLD distillery, which commenced operations in February 2005, manufactures industrial alcohol using molasses, a by-product of sugar production.

The use of molasses makes ethanol a green fuel, while helping in achieving better price stability and price realization of the by-product for the sugar industry. Eventually, it leads to a win-win situation for the sugar mills and the cane growers.

Ethanol is a good oxygenate that considerably reduces vehicular emissions when blended with motor spirit. The industrial alcohol generation business has emerged as a key contributor to our revenues.

The benefits of ethanol can be extended through further refining of the product for the production of alcohol or gasohol, which is an eco-friendly substitute for vehicular fuel in petrol-driven vehicles. Additionally, as a result of the fermentation of molasses in the distillery, industrial alcohol can also be used in the manufacture of IMFL and country liquor.

The government of India’s mandate for mixing of ethanol with petrol suggests a bright future for this business, which we shall continue to nurture to higher levels of excellence going forward. Government has resolved to meet the target of 20% ethanol blending in petrol by 2025. Earlier the resolve was to achieve the target by 2030 which is now preponed by 5 years.

We have enhanced Distillery operation to 140 Kilo Litres per day (KLPD) from the earlier capacity of 100 KLPD at Dwarikesh Nagar, Village Bundki, Tehsil Nagina, District Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh w.e.f. November 22, 2020. This added capacity can be used for making a range of distillery products such as Rectified Spirit, Ethanol, Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) etc.. We have also started manufacturing of sanitizer from its product spirit. The capacity has been further extended to 140 KLPD. We are also setting up another distillery plant of capacity of 175 KLPD at our Dwarikesh Dham unit situated in Bareilly District.