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The beginning of the excellence journey

Dwarikesh Nagar

Location – Bundki village, Bijnor district,
Uttar Pradesh, 246762

Area 86 acres

USP Extremely fertile,
well-irrigated land, about a dozen
kms. from banks of River Ganga

The story of our excellence started in 1995, when our first unit in Dwarikesh Nagar commenced operations following the commissioning of 2500 TCD (Tonnes of sugarcane crushed per day) sugar plant. With a current capacity of 6500 TCD, the facility houses our registered office, main sugar plant, cane-receiving yard, housing colonies and administrative block, besides roads and green belt, club and a temple complex. Other facilities at Dwarikesh Nagar include fully equipped Narmada Devi Morarka Medical Centre and CBSE-affiliated RR Morarka Public School, with residential quarter for the teaching staff.

Equipped with modern, automated machinery to drive high capacity and cost-effective manufacturing of sugar, our Dwarikesh Nagar plant continues to report a high percentage of recovery year after year. Our capacity utilization and operational efficiency are among the best in the sugar industry, and we crushed 1,04,23,884 quintals of sugarcane at this plant, with recovery of 12.44% during 2018-19 SS.

The plant buys sugarcane directly from around 33,000 farmers in our reserved/allocated areas, which cover 39,500 hectares of area within 15 kms of our unit, besides an additional assigned sugarcane area, from where the sugarcane commissioner buys sugarcane annually.

With a strong focus on environmental protection, we have installed an effluent treatment plant with a capacity to treat 2600 KL/day of effluent. The sugar plant releases approximately 600 to 650 M3/day of effluents. The plant’s power co-generation unit has a total capacity of 17 MW In terms of power co-generation, the unit sold 30.14 million units in 2018-19, with another 15 lac units banked for meeting our off-season requirement. In addition, the unit generated ₹ Nil from sale of REC during fiscal 2018-19.

Taking excellence to the next level

Dwarikesh Puram

Location – Bahadrpur village, Dhampur Tehsil,
Bijnor District, Uttar Pradesh

Area 57.94 acres

USP Fertile and well-nourished, with River
Ganga flowing just a few kms away

Our second sugar plant, located about 45 kms from Dwarikesh Nagar and close to the national highway, is a greenfield project with a total capacity of 7,500 TCD of sugar. M3 effluent plants have been set up for the treatment of industrial waste with a capacity to treat 750 KL/day of effluent. This well-irrigated region gives us access to a large track of cane-producing. Proximity to the highway makes it well-connected to the country’s major sugar-consuming markets, by providing easy transportation.

A state-of-the-art plant, the unit, which became operational in 2005, crushed 1,01,33,177 quintals of sugarcane during 2018-19 session, to report a recovery of 12.24%.

Like the Dwarikesh Nagar plant, this unit, whose development work was completed in record time, houses a large residential complex, office complex, storage godown, molasses tanks, recreation centres and a temple. Effluent plants have been set up for the treatment of industrial waste.

The plant’s power co-generation unit has a total capacity of 33 MW and has been selling electricity to the state grid since 2008. During 2018-19, it sold 67.57 million units after banking 8 lac units to meet the off-season requirements. It also generated ₹ Nil lacs from sale of REC during fiscal 2018-19.

Crossing new vistas of excellence

Dwarikesh Dham

Location – Faridpur Tehsil, Bareilly District, Uttar Pradesh

Area 72.50 acres

USP Low-lying region with fertile alluvial
soil, on banks of river Ramganga

We set another benchmark in excellence with the our 7500 TCD state-of-the-art sugar plant at Dwarikesh Dham commencing production in 2007. M3 effluent plants have been set up for the treatment of industrial waste with a capacity to treat 850 KL/day of effluent. Well-connected with the country’s key sugar-consuming markets, it has a good recovery rate, which stood at 12.24% during 2018-19, when a total of 1,01,26,814 quintals of sugarcane were crushed here.

Our Dwarikesh Dham complex also houses a well-developed residential colony, a large office complex, storage godown, molasses tanks, recreation centres and a temple, besides effluent plants. The Dwarikesh Dham power co-generation unit has a capacity of 36 MW. During 2018-19, it sold 104.32 million units to the state grid after banking 10 lac units for meeting the off-season electricity needs. It generated Rs Nil from sale of REC during fiscal 2018-19.

Corporate and other offices

Apart from its plants in UP, DSIL also has offices and facilities in other parts of India including Maharashtra, Delhi and Rajasthan. The corporate office for the senior management is situated in the central business district of the financial capital of India, at Maker Chamber, Nariman Point, Mumbai. Nariman Point is one of the most elite business district of South Bombay where major international companies, foreign banks and Consulates are located. The locality boasts of housing offices of many of the big players of India's industrial and business world. DSIL has a specious office, which is generally used for high-end corporate activities, management of the company affairs, handling stock market related activities and providing support to our investors.

We have a branch office in Delhi, the capital of India, which is mostly used for meetings and Delhi-centric corporate activities. Since Delhi is a major center for suppliers of spare parts and plant-consumables, our branch office there is extensively used for sourcing such material. Similarly, our Delhi branch deals with the dealers and agents of our packaged sugar supplies. It also handles activities such as transportation of machinery for our plants. Our Delhi center is also used as a transit point for factory officials traveling between our registered office, plants and the corporate office. For this purpose, we also have a guest-house in New Delhi's south district.

A separate office hired at Yusuf Sarai, New Delhi is also used for the company's operations. This is also used for our information technology division, managed by Dwarikesh Informatics Limited. The division takes care of all internet/web related design, development and maintenance activities of the company. A separate office hired at Lucknow is used for looking after liaising activities.

We also have an office at Nawalgarh, in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan, from where various charity activities are conducted and managed in the area. Our charity organizations, namely Sewajyoti, RR Morarka Charitable Trust and Smt. Narbada Devi Morarka Charitable Trust have a major presence in the Shekhawati area of Rajasthan.