• Commitment Towards Nature

Fulfilling duty towards nature

As awareness regarding global warming has increase the world over and concerns have been voiced to the depleting ozone layer, people are realising the need to protect the nature's heritage. Dwarikesh is committed towards protection of environment and has taken up various measures to keep the atmosphere clean, healthy and hygienic in the area by using latest technology, conducting plantation campaigns and motivating local populations in this regards. The lush green landscape within the factory is breath taking and beholds the eyes of the viewer.

Endorsing our commitment to the development of a pollution-free environment is the fact that our plants are registered with the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism). This also provides us an opportunity to earn through CER (Certified Emission Reduction).

The Dwarikesh way of contributing to pollution control is not limited to compliance with the norms stipulated by the pollution control authorities. large-scale plantation of trees, not only within our premises but also in the surrounding area, helps us keep our command areas clean and serene. In fact, we have gone to the extent of setting up a task force to ensure planting of at least 10,000 trees as of date. We also buy seedlings and saplings and distribute them free of cost to the residents of neighbouring villages.

Further, by installing efficient treatment plants, we have made sure that water coming out of our factories is clean and pollution-free. Discharged effluent after treatment is clear and adequately meets the stipulated norms by the pollution control authorities.

We have also set up a distillery with the eventual objective of manufacturing absolute alcohol/ gasohol. The gasohol can be conveniently blended with the conventional petrol and used for running of vehicles. The emission on usage of gasohol is least polluting and thus gasohol is an extremely environment friendly option.

These are just a few ways we have adopted to develop a cleaner and greener environment and a better society.