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Capturing Excellence through power

Co-generation of power is an important contributor to our revenue, while helping us extend the crushing duration even during low sugar recovery period at the end of the season.

We forayed into power co-generation with the commissioning of our first power plant in 1996, with an initial capacity of 6 MW, which was expanded to 9 MW in 2002.

Initial capacity of

6 MW

Current capacity of

89 MW

In tandem with the growing demand for power in the country, we are continuously augmenting our power production capacity, leading to significant earnings from this segment and higher business excellence. Our current power co-generation capacity stands at 89 MW.
With the state government the biggest consumer of power, we are supplying power (the quantum that remains after captive consumption) to the Uttar Pradesh state grid.
Giving a further boost to our earnings, we are also banking some power units with the state grid, subject to the provision that we shall be entitled to get the same back in the off-season to meet our requirements of electricity for repair and maintenance, as also for providing electricity to offices and colony. This has resulted in considerable savings in the cost of diesel that we were earlier purchasing to run DG sets.
1995 – Setting up of 6 MW power plant
2002 – Expansion of co-gen from 6 MW to 9 MW
2004 – Expansion of co-gen power plant from 9 MW to 17 MW
2005 – Expansion of co-gen power plant from 17 MW to 26 MW
2008 – Expansion of co-gen power plant from 26 MW to 86 MW
2020 – Setting up of 5 MW power plant
2024 – Setting up of 6 Mw plant replacing 8 Mw plant in DN unit

NLDC accreditation to all three plants with power generation capacity was granted in 2011.

18-19(FY) 19-20(FY) 20-21(FY) 21-22(FY) 22-23(FY) 23-24(FY)
Sugar cane crushed (lakhs tons) 33.12 32.81 39.71 37.39 38.21 36.66
Sugar produced (lakhs tons) 4.068 4.035 4.593 3.960 3.30 3.52
Power generated (lakhs units) 3,165.18 2491.80 3166.36 3012.98 3018.67 3089.06
Ethanol/Rectified Spirit sold (lakhs liter) 90.17 115.62 317.32 557.28 841.75 944.07

Earning excellence through RECs

Excellence, for us, goes beyond our core business interests to earn additional revenue through other sources also. We have been boosting our earnings through Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), which also help us contribute to the global environmental protection mission.

The REC system (RECS) works on a voluntary basis and is aimed at stimulating international development of renewable energy. RECs enable companies to provide evidence of the production of a quantity of renewable energy. They also facilitate renewable energy trade, thus creating a market for renewable energy, while enabling transfer between market parties in different countries where they can be used to show evidence of the consumption of renewable energy.