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Ethical way of moving ahead

We, at Dwarikesh, are known to think and work differently. We believe in ethics, professionalism, and competence. Like every other business organization, financial success is at the core of our efforts and activities, however, our well defined corporate ethics make sure we are responsible towards our larger role towards the society, the country, its economy, people and the environment.

Run an Extra Mile and Discover the Treasure… The beliefs imbibed revolve around the values assigned to business and business associates.

For us, farmers are not merely suppliers of sugarcane but they are our partners in business. The cost of sugarcane purchased constitutes nearly 70% of the total cost to the Company. The health and prosperity of the company is directly proportional to the health and prosperity of its farmers. Therefore, in spite of statutory requirement of time, we make the payment of the cane price on first priority. The company has cleared all its cane dues for the last crushing season 2016-17 including the differential cane price of the season 2007-08 as per order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court. The company has also paid the part SAP for crushing season 2015-16 following the directions of state government.

The difference: The goodwill generated is tremendous.

For us, vendors are not merely suppliers of material but they are vital cogs in the wheels of company’s business. Payment is made to the vendors on or before the due date.

The difference: substantial vendor loyalty.

Building partnerships, growing together

For us, customers are not merely buyers of sugar but are the reason for our existence. Every care is taken to produce internationally accepted quality of sugar. Stringent quality control measures are adopted.

The difference: Total customer satisfaction with no rejections.

For us, government is not merely a regulatory body but is our friend and philosopher. All taxes and duties are paid in time.

The difference: Substantial gain in reputation for the integrity of operations.

For us, employees are not a mere bunch of individuals performing the assigned duties but they are the flesh and blood of the organization. For example an ailing employee is visited by chief of HRD with a basket of fruits. Their hard work is suitably rewarded time and again. Festivals are a celebration among employees. Regular skill honing and training camps organised.

The difference: Employee morale is sky high; there is a spirit of bonhomie and camaraderie, a feeling of belonging to a large family. Existence of an enlightened, motivated and fiercely loyal employee.

For us, society is not merely the place encompassing the company but is considered our larger family. Trees are planted every year in thousands.

The difference: Quality of air is fresh and healthy and a better environment exists.