• Milestones

A remarkable journey

Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited was originally incorporated as Dwarka Sugar Limited vide certificate of incorporation no. 11-74815 dated 1st November, 1993 with registrar of Companies, Maharashtra at Mumbai. Name of the company was changed to Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited on 18th April, 1994.

Registered office of the company has been shifted from the State of Maharashtra to the State of UP, confirmed by an order of company law board (Western Region) bench, Mumbai dated 23rd June, 1995. In this regard, Dwarikesh has received certificate of registration bearing no. 20-18642 dated 31st August, 1995 from registrar of companies, UP at Kanpur.

The company has been promoted by Mr. Gautam R Morarka with the main object of carrying out the activity of production of sugar and other sugar related activities. The company commenced its commercial production on 5th December, 1995 by setting up a 2500 TCD sugar plant in the sugar rich belt of Uttar Pradesh at Dwarikesh Nagar unit, Bundki village in Bijnor District.

Now the plant has a capacity of 6500 TCD. Beside this plant the company has set up one 7500 TCD new Sugar plant in district Bijnor which commenced production in 2005 and has set up another 7500 TCD sugar plant in district - Bareilly, which commenced production in Dec 2007. Thus the total capacity of Dwarikesh is 21500 TCD. Here is the list of major events in the company's history:

1993 - Incorportion of the company in the name of Dwarka Sugar Limited.
1994 - Change of name to Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited.
1995- Setting up of 2500 TCD sugar plant and
- Setting up of 6 MW Power Plant
- Commencement of commercial production
1996- Expansion of capacity to 3500 TCD.
1997 - Payment of maiden dividend of 10%
1999 - Expansion of capacity to 4000 TCD.
2001- Expansion of capacity to 5000 TCD,
- Bought back 25.20 Lac shares at ₹ 40 per share
2002 - Expansion of co-gen from 6 MW to 9 MW and Expansion of capacity to 6500 TCD –Dwarikesh Nagar, Bundaki (village), Bijnor (Dist.), Uttar Pradesh.
2003 - Sold Power worth ₹ 183 Lacs to UP State Grid
2004 - Net Profit of ₹ 976.06 Lacs was recorded during the year ending 30th September, 2004
- Successful completion of IPO (23 times oversubscribed)
- Expansion of co-gen power plant from 9 MW to 17 MW
2005- Expansion of Co-gen power plant from 17 MW to 26 MW
- Setting up of 30 KLPD distillery for manufacture of Industrial Alcohol
- Work begins on new project of 7500 TCD at Dwarikeshpuram (Afzalgarh), Dist Bijnor, U.P. in February.
- Net Profit of ₹ 2659.99 Lacs was recorded during the year ending 30th September, 2005
2006- Commissioned a new green field plant of 7500 TCD at Dwarikesh Puram (District - Bijnor) with 9 MW co-gen capacity in a record time.
- Work begins on new project of 7500 TCD at Dwarikeshdham (Faridpur, Bareilly District ) with 36 MW co generation.
- Expansion project in Dwarikeshpuram to increase co-gen capacity from 9 MW to 33 MW
- Successful completion of GDR (54 crore generated)
2007-Commissioned a new green field plant of 7500 TCD with 36 MW co-gen capacity in a record time at Dwarikesh Dham (District - Bareilly). Exportable power capacity of the plant is 24 MW.
-Expanded the Power capacity of the Dwarikesh Puram unit from 9 MW to 33 MW. Exportable power capacity of the plant is 24 MW.
2008 - Commencement of co generation for supply to state grid at Dwarikesh Puram and Dwarikesh Dham units.
2009 - Posted 69 per cent of growth in net sales- a record high of ₹ 462 crores. Profit After Tax touched ₹ 25 crores, as against loss of ₹ 25 Crores in the previous year.
2010 - Record breaking sales figure of ₹ 577 crores crossed.
2011-NLDC Accreditation to all three plants with captive power generation capacity.
-Sales crossing the mark of ₹ 600 crores.
2012- Sales crossing the mark of ₹ 725 crores
- PBIT crossed to ₹ 63.22 crores
2013 - Sales crossing the mark of ₹ 962 crores
2013-15 - Accounts prepared for 18 months from October 2013 to March 2015
- Sales crossing the mark of ₹ 1176 crores
2016 - Sales crossing the mark of 831 crore
- PBT booked to ₹ 39.39 crores, PAT booked to ₹ 38.97 crores
2017 -Sales at all-time record high of 1,256 crore
- PBT at all time high ₹ 212.15 crores,
- PAT at all time high ₹ 158.47 crores
- De-bottlenecking of DN distillery by commissioning Bio-methanated spent wash plant
- Raised INR 594mn through QIP in which marquee investors participated.
2018 -Enhancing the capacity of Dwarikesh Nagar Sugar plant from 5500 TCD to 6500 TCD
2019 -Embarked on the expansion of the distillery capacity at Dwarikesh Nagar Plant with an envisaged investment of ~145 crore