commitment to employee


The Indian Sugar Industry has so far treated the human resource as an adjunct to industrial relation and worker welfare matrix. On the contrary, DSIL has focused on the development of human resources and pooling of intellectual capital to attain increased productivity. Allocation of limited human resources has been carefully planned to meet the needs of new dynamics of management. The management cadre at Dwarikesh consists of few but well qualified personnel.

The employees of DSIL are a team of motivated individuals. They carry out their respective jobs with missionary zeal. The employees perceive the goals of the Company as their personal goals and spare no efforts in accomplishing the tasks assigned to them. The ethos imbibed by the employees of DSIL is pristine and the turnover of workforce at DSIL is one of the lowest in Sugar Industry. 

Sugar Industry being a seasonal industry has different staff (non-management cadre) strength during season and off-season. DSIL is one of the few sugar units in India, which is not over-staffed in spite of political pressures and other constraints. 

DSIL is conducting on an annual basis, a sport meet to spot and encourage local talent and then sponsor the deserving sports-person for bigger events



HRD has assumed new dimension in DSIL:

Training Programs and Management Development Programs are conducted to educate the employees and to enable them to discharge their duties with panache and aplomb.

Shop floor training is imparted to workers to hone their skills

Workshops are conducted for the benefit of employees to educate them on preventive maintenance. Services of experts are summoned to help educate the workers.

Employees are continuously guided about industrial safety and safe industrial practice.

The employees are encouraged to participate in management and a suggestion scheme is in operation, which enables the employees to frankly and fearlessly put-forth their suggestions for overall improvement of the performance.

The strengths and weaknesses of each employee are critically evaluated to ensure that the right peg is in right hole. Career planning and job enrichment of each employee is an ongoing activity in DSIL. DSIL has also undertaken series of measures aimed at providing comfortable housing and other amenities to the employees.