HR Initiatives at Dwarikesh


The existence of HRD is vital to overall productivity and efficiency of the strong workforce in any thriving company. In most professional organizations, the role of the human resources development is not sidelined or eclipsed by other departments. In fact good human resources can be one of the most valued and respected departments in an organization, their job is people, and people are the co's most important asset.

Dwarikesh recognizes their employees as member of Dwarikesh pariwar not as an employee. DSIL HR mission is to encourage their employees towards effective participation and empower them to achieve organizational goals & objectives by their continuous development.

People contribute when they relate to an organization and they relate when they understand the organization through their values towards human resources, their culture, systems and policies.


Integrity & honesty

Commitment & discipline

Openness & transparency

Team work

Continuous growth & development


Health & safety - DSIL providing their people a healthy & safe working atmosphere by taking best health & safety measures.

Annual Cleanliness day - All units of Dwarikesh group celebrating 7th of Jan every year as Cleanliness day. On this day one department in every unit is declared best in housekeeping/ cleanliness on the bases of parameters fixed for the purpose. Winner department is awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 5100/- and a running trophy.

National Safety Day - we are celebrating 4th March every year as safety day in our all units. This day we are organizing various awareness program and contest of best presentation and best safety slogan etc.

Health checks-up camps - we are having our own well equipped dispensaries in our all units. We are organizing every year various health check up camps

for our employees, their families and farmers under expert senior medical officers of renowned hospitals.


Open house meetings - Every year just after closing of season we are organizing open house meetings with all level of employees unit wise. People are participating in open house meetings willingly and sharing their grievances/problems/suggestions openly. After concluding these meetings management taking prompt required action on such problems/suggestions. 

Works committee - This committee constituted with workmen and officers and is meeting quarterly to discuss and sort out the plant and campus related matters. 

Canteen committee - Constituted with officers and workmen and is meeting every alternative month to discuss and ensure the quality of food served in canteen and cleanliness.

Safety committee - Constituted with officers and workmen from all departments and meeting twice in a year on 4th of March and 4th of September to discuss the various aspect of safety and to ensure safe working and make their unit accident free.

Estate maintenance committee - Constituted by employees of all levels residing in campus. Members are meeting once in a month to discuss various aspect of proper maintenance of plant & campus, problems of campus residents, their solution and best efforts to maintain greenery in the premises. 

Think tank - Constituted by workmen/officers through secret ballot system. Meeting of think tank are held twice in a month. People comes with their work related problems and suggestions for the improvement of working and to achieve the targets.


Sports - We are providing indoor and outdoor games facility for our employees and their children in our all units. We are also organizing annual interunit outdoor tournaments just after closing of season every year for our employees. Again in month of July/August we are organizing annual interunit indoor games/contest for our employees. 

Long service award - Every year on our annual day i.e. on 24th of November we are awarding our employees with a gift, memento and certificate who has completed their ten year of service with Dwarikesh. 

Best Employee award - Every year we are awarding three of best employees unit wise with Shramveer Puruskar (A gift, memento and certificate) on 24th of November

Recognition of good work & good behaviour - We are assessing performance and attitude of our employees through our three tire appraisal system on annual bases and awarding them increment and promotion accordingly. 

Viswakarma Puja - We are organizing this Puja every year on 17th of September by involving all workmen/officers. After completion of Puja, Prasad distributed to all employees.

Children's Day - We are celebrating 14th Nov as children's day every year in our all units. This day we are organizing essay/debate/dance competition, poems etc and distributing gifts and prizes to children of our employees.


Grievance redressal - We are redressing grievances of our employees than and there. However we are organizing meeting of employees with unit heads once a week where an employee can express his problem openly than we take necessary steps to solve the problem.

Regular counseling - We are keeping regular counseling with all level of employees to maintain good industrial relations between employee & employee and employer and employee.


In house training program - Every year in off season we are organizing various in house training programs as per need of employees as well as of organization.

Management development program - from time to time we are organizing MDP for our people of management cadre to develop their skill as per organization need.

Interunit interaction program - every year in off season we are sending our plant teams to other units to share their problems/suggestions experienced during season and to find out their solutions.

Recommendations for seminar/ Training programs - We are sending our people to attend some important seminars/training and development programs organized by some reputed organizations outside the factory as per our need. Such programs helps individual for his growth and also benefited the organization.

Invitation of out side faculties - As per our requirement we are also inviting some reputed faculties/ consultant to conduct training program in our units.


DSIL believes in Clean Dwarikesh-Green Dwarikesh. We are organizing awareness program and a seminar on environment protection on eve of world environment day i.e. 5th of June every year. Besides seminar we are organizing some children program like essay competition, debate etc on the subjects like global warming and environment protection from various type of pollutions.

Annual Celebrations of traditional/religious festivals also take place at DSIL premises.